Why Go Solar?

More energy for less money. Is that really possible? Absolutely! Solar power is becoming very popular, with an installation taking place every 90 seconds! Why? Well it’s simple, you get more money in your wallet, with just as much, sometimes more, energy to power your business or home.


Solar panels are extremely durable and can last 25+ years. Warranties are typically long enough to cover the panels for as long as their lifetime.

Solar panels harness the sun’s power so you can generate clean natural energy. Did you know that if you’re generating more energy than needed, some states allow you to receive credit for the excess?

25-year power production warranty- the amount of electricity a panel can produce declines slightly every year. Over 25 years, the capacity does not usually fall below 80%.

Materials Warranty- Most manufacturers guarantee the materials for 10-12 years. Pay attention to the warranty to make sure that shipping and labor costs are covered in the off chance that a panel needs to be replaced.

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