Solar Electric

solar electric

Many home and business owners today are looking to solar energy systems as a source of energy.  There are a number of solar installations that can be performed from photovoltaic systems (PV systems) and battery systems to grid tied solar battery backups and off-grid solar battery backups.  The installation of a solar power system of any type should only be performed by licensed professionals who possess all the experience, skills and know-how needed to perform successful installations.

Photovoltaic Systems (PV Systems)

Photovoltaic systems often referred to as PV systems consist of solar panels that are secured to your home or business roof by way of mounting racks and hardware that are sealed with polyurethane sealants.  These mounting systems strengthen the integrity of your roof and are long-lasting.   The installation involves electrical conduits and various wires that are connected to the inverter that is connected to your circuit breaker panel.  This connection allows power to be transmitted to your home or business electrical system.  

Battery Systems

As an added protection from thunderstorms and even hurricanes, solar battery backups have become a popular choice by many home and business owners.  They are ideal when power outages and emergencies occur. There are two types of battery systems to choose from, a grid tied system and an off-grid system.  Each system offers a number of advantages and, depending upon the design of your property, can serve your home or business well.  

  • Grid-Tied Solar Battery Backups – Grid-tied backups are directly connected to an electrical grid.  When the grid is online, the batteries are charged.  Should an outage occur, the system will kick into operation and provide needed solar energy to your structure. This system allows for lights and other electrical appliances to remain operational during a storm.  This system continuously stays charged and is always ready for immediate use even when your installed PV system is offline.  It will provide an uninterrupted power supply to your home or business throughout the power outage.    A grid-tied solar battery backup system requires very little maintenance.  
  • Off-Grid Solar Battery – If the inverter on your PV solar installation trips an off-grid solar battery system can provide you with the electricity you need.  Typically recommended for properties that are not located on a grid.  The batteries charge by way of excess electricity that is generated throughout the daytime when large amounts of power are not being used.  This charge is then responsible for transmitting energy to your structure   

Understanding Solar Electric Systems

Here at NRG Consultants, we want to provide our valued clients with some important information about solar electric systems.  

  • To begin with a complete installation process takes approximately 6-8 weeks from the contract phase to the final system inspection. 
  • The amount of energy that is produced by solar energy is entirely dependent upon your available space for installation and your pocketbook. 
  • Your newly installed system will need plenty of unobstructed sunlight for the greater part of every day.  If you have any issues with shading the output of energy will be drastically reduced.  Microinverters that take the place of your typical string inverters may provide a solution for this problem.
  • Finally, mobile homes typically are unable to provide a secure and safe enough system installation on the roof that meets with local regulations.  Ground mounts or pergola installations may be the ideal choice for mobile home owners.

For more information on solar electric system installations or to determine if solar energy is the right choice for you, be sure to contact one of our dedicated solar experts today to schedule your free consultation.  We are on hand to answer all your questions and discuss any concerns you may have.   

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